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28 Dec 2018 ... Hello all, so I've just downloaded Zerbu's GTS mod and I was very excited to finally be able to follow my sims to school, however I was saddened to see no ... Why isn't the Go To School Mod working for me?I — The Sims ... > Sorry it isn't working for you and if helpful the mod is not supported by Sims it working or not working isn't something the game can control. And with any mods it's better to ask creator Qs though you could also move this thread to the mods section to see if any informed users can help. Good luck help with go to school mod - The Sims 4 Technical Support ... I think the mod won't work with newer versions of the sims. It worked a while ago when the game was really an older version. I tried that "updated school mod v4 too" and it won't work, newer venue files are not found anywhere, those should be included in v4 (or at least download link) too but they are not.

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Hi there, I just came across your mod. It works very well when I play a teen or a child in the respective school but unfortunately playing the teacher job does not work.

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